Bergen Biennale II: The Next Generation

The Woodmill, London
19/20/21 November 2010

The London-based collective Gandt
joins together with Bergen-based collective Ytter to produce The Bergen Biennale II: The Next Generation. On the 19th, 20th and 21st of November 2010, London sees the advent of a three-fold event beginning at The Woodmill – London’s unique venue for genre-breaking art – with a launch and readings from Issue 12, ‘The New No,’ by Gandt, also featuring, Me & My Friends (Zurich/London), Alphabet Prime (Stockholm), and an adjoining schedule of readings in collaboration with P.A.S.T. Projects (London). We will see artwork from emerging artists Ytter – Anngjerd Rustand, Vilde Andrea Brun, Anne Marthe Dyvi, Julie Lillelien Porter (Bergen), Oliver MacDonald (London), Linda Rogn (Bergen), Vilde Salhus Røed (Bergen), and Alexis Dirks (Glasgow), performances by Jenny Moore (London), Nicole Bachmann (London/Zurich), Patrick Coyle (London), Sophie Risner (London), and Anngjerd Rustand (Bergen), along with both a screening of American video artists curated by Jason Underhill and of the film ‘Total Recall 2’ by Karen Nikgol (Bergen). The Woodmill’s very own Dickens Club is a proud sponsor of the second Bergen Biennale, providing drink, and a critically engaged atmosphere for debates and dancing.

The second part of the much anticipated Bergen Biennale II will take place at The Woodmill, London’s newest and freshest artist-run gallery including sets by comedian Chris Boyd (London), The Invisible Bees (London), Karen Skog Orkestra and her own-made instruments (Bergen), an afternoon of haircuts with Miss B’s Hair Salon (London), as well as the much-anticipated premiere of the feature-length film, ‘The Road to Margaritaville,’ by Jason Underhill (Los Angeles). A communal, artist-made dinner for 40 and director’s talk by Jason Underhill must not be missed as a prelude to the screening.

Ytter and Gandt come together as a naturally evolved but pivotal crux in the visioning of The Bergen Biennale 2010, a one-night stand with two days of consequences. Come experience both an exciting international program, and the dynamic art scene of London – “the old town with a young mind.”
19-21 November 2010
Opening 19:00, Friday, 19 November
The Woodmill
Neckinger Depot
London SE16 3QN
See for details of each event and to book a place for dinner.
Friday 19th Nov:
Exhibition in the Hangar and the Gallery open from 7pm
Patrick Coyle 7 – 9pm
Chris Boyd 7 – 8.30pm
P.A.S.T Projects Reading: Gandt reads The New No 7.30pm
Invisible Bees 9 – 9.30pm
Karen Skog Orkestra 8.30 – 9pm
After party in the Dicken’s Club 9.30 – 12pm
Saturday 20th Nov
P.A.S.T Projects Reading: Anngjerd Rustand 3 – 4pm
Jason Underhill’s Curated Film Screenings 4 – 5pm
Karen Nikgol’s ‘Total Recall 2’ 5 – 6pm
Dinner 6 – 8pm (see website to RSVP)
Premiere of ‘The Road To Margaritaville’ by Jason Underhill with comments from the director 8 – 9.30pm
Sunday 21th Nov
Miss B’s Hair Salon 2 – 3pm
P.A.S.T Projects Reading: Sophie Risner, Simon Clark, Gandt 3 – 4pm
Jason Underhill’s Curated Film Screenings 4 – 5pm
Closing Party 5 – 7pm

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