The event arranged by Clara Morell and Tariq Hindic was fantastic! Thank you for arranging and letting us know some of the exiting creators of imagery in Bergen!

The fine contributors:

Kjersti Sundland
Anna Liljekranz
Anna Wergelius
Mattias Arvastsson
Egil Paulsen
Ilija Wyller
Anders Hergum
Jacob Alrø
Elisabeth Færøy Lund
Aleksander Andreassen
Filippa Börjesson
Christian Grindvold Lie
Mathijs van Geest
Anne Larsen
Simon Kolstad
Erik Spanne
Julie Clifforth
Julie Lillelien Porter
Anne Marthe Dyvi
Catalina Aguilera
Joseph Helland
Gabriella Forzelius
Lasse Årikstad
Lona Hansen

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