‘Ice – eat it or let it melt’

Molly Haslund, Smart Addictions, Nøstegaten 42

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One thought on “‘Ice – eat it or let it melt’”

  1. Picture: ‘Ice – eat it or let i melt’ – ( room ground Floor, begins 20.30 ) Picture from show at Nøstegaten:

    Molly Haslund – ‘Smart Addictions’
    Showing from ten days residency at Nøstegaten 42, Bergen

    Program for the evening:

    1. ‘Ice’ – eat it or let i melt – ( room ground Floor, begins 20.30 )

    2. ‘Hunting’ ( performance, watch from window 1st floor )

    3. Food making by Tor Evert Johansen and Linda Soh Trangereide 1st floor

    4. ‘ Smart Addiction’ A readymade wheel performance ( 1st floor)

    5. Food and drinks for guests ( 1st floor)

    6. Exit via ice room ground floor – (‘Girl On Fire – Ela Lola 1898’)

    ( All lasts ca. 1 hour )

    Molly Haslund is a Danish artist based in Glasgow and Copenhagen. She studied at the Royal Academy of Art, Copenhagen and did a MA at Glasgow School of art 2005. Since 2006 she has been making performances on her own and in collaboration: She has been making theatre pieces and toured with Lone Twin Theatre (U.K.) and has showed performance work with the duo Molly And Me.

    In her performances and installations Molly Haslund displays a physical (sur)real humorous universe. She pictures joy and difficulties in paradoxes all discovered in basic everyday objects, inventions as well as cultural rituals and readymades. Her attempts and challenges creates poetic and visual paradoxes of joyful melancholy.

    Special thanks to Tor Evert Johansen for excellent assistance, advice and collaboration.

    Special thanks to Annine Birkeland and Agnes Nedregård for the invite and the initiative of Bergen Kjøtt.

    Special thanks to Linda Soh Trangereide for making and showing how to make the sushi

    DK phone +45 27286149
    UK phone +45 07988844094

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